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JEBEL partners include:

Sweden Jordan

Stockholm University, SU      
• Assoc. Prof. Victoria Pease     
• Dr. Iain Pitcairn (Post-doc.)
• MSc Student     

Swedish Museum of Natural History, NRM    
• Dr. Martin Whitehouse

University of Jordan, UJ
• Prof. Ghaleb Jarrar
• MSc student
• Dr. Najel Yassen





National Research Centre, NRC
• Dr. Osama Kaseem
• MSc Student
Nuclear Materials Authority, NMA
• Prof. Hani Shalaby
• Dr. Hossam Khamis
• MSc Student

Alexandria University, 
• Prof. Fathi Hassan


JEBEL’s international participants are:

Saudi Geological Survey, Saudi Arabia www.sgs.org.sa

Prof. Cees W. Passchier, Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, Germany
Prof. Arild Andresen, Univerisity of Oslo, Norway
Prof. Simon Wilde, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia
Prof. Robert Stern, University of Texas, Dallas, USA
Dr. Peter Johnson, Consultant

 is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency which promotes scientific exchange with the Middle East and North Africa (SIDA-MENA). National partners are funded by SIDA-MENA, while our international partners have their own sources of funding.