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The JEBEL project is multidisciplinary and has three research teams.  Each team works independently and disseminates their scientific results at JEBEL’s annual Workshop.

JEBEL’s research teams include:

  1. Geochronology & geochemistry
    Victoria Pease (team co-leader)
    Ghaleb Jarrar (team co-leader)
    Martin Whitehouse
    Hani Shalaby
    MSc student

  2. Structure & tectonics 
    Hossam Khamis (team co-leader)
    Cees Passchier (team co-leader)
    Fathi Hassan
    Arild Andresen MSc student

  3. Metamorphism & mineralogy 
    Robert Stern (team co-leader)
    Iain Pitcairn
    Kamal Ali
    MSc student