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PDF Blasband et al., 2000.  Late Proterozoic extensional collapse in the Arabian-Nubian Shield. 
PDF El-Enen, 2008. Geochemistry and metamorphism of the Pan-African back-arc Malhaq volcano-sedimentary Neoproterozoic association, W. Kid area, SE Sinai, Egypt. 
PDF El-Enen & Okrusch, 2007.  The texture and composition of tourmaline in metasediments of Sinai, Egypt: Implications for the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Pan-African basement. 

El-Enen et al., 2004.  P-T evolution of the Pan-African Taba metamorphic belt, Sinai, Egypt: Constraints from metapelitic mineral assemblages.

PDF El-Enen et al., 2004.  Contact metamorphism and metasomatism at a dolerite-limestone contact in the Gebel Yelleq area, northern Sinai, Egypt. 
PDF El-Enen et al., 2003.  The metamorphic evolution of the Pan-African Basement in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. 
PDF Eliwa et al., 2008.  Metamorphic evolution of Neoproterozoic metapelites and gneisses in Sinai, Egypt: Insights from petrology, mineralogy, chemistry, and K-Ar age dating.

El-Sayed, 2004.  Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the post-orogenic bimodal dyke swarms in NW Sinai, Egypt: Constraints on the magmatic-tectonic processes during the late Precambrian. 

PDF Fowler & Hassan, 2008. Extensional tectonic origin of gneissosity and related structures of the Feiran-Solaf metamorphic belt, Sinai, Egypt. 
PDF Furnes et al., 1985.  Geochemistry of Pan-African volcanic arc sequences in southeastern Sinai Peninsula and plate tectonic implications. 
PDF Katzir et al., 2006.  Petrogenesis of A-type granites and origin of vertical zoning in the Katharina pluton, Gebel Mussa (Mt. Moses) area, Sinai, Egypt. 
PDF Katzir et al., 2007.  Interrelations between coeval mafic and A-type silicic magmas from composite dykes in a bimodal suite of southern Israel, northernmost Arabian-Nubian Shield: Geochemical and isotope constraints. 
PDF Mushkin et al., 2003. The petrogenesis of A-type magmas form the Amram Massif, southern Israel. 
PDF Samuel et al., 2007. A-type volcanics in Central Eastern Sinai, Egypt. 
PDF Shimron, A., 1984.  Evolution of the Kid Group, southeast Sinai Peninsula: Thrusts, mélanges, and implications for accretionary tectonics during the late Proterozoic of the Arabian-Nubian Shield.